10 Reflections of Godly Women

Biblical Reflections

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  1. Sarah- Wife to Abraham and mother to Isaac. Read more about her in Genesis.
  2. Hannah- She prayed to God for a child. God gave her Samuel. She then gave him over to God. Read more in 1 Samuel 1.
  3. Abigail- She is known as a beautiful and wise woman who was later David’s wife. Read more about her in 1 Samuel 25.
  4. Mary- She was a humble and obedient young girl who was the mother to Jesus. Read more about her in Matthew and Luke.
  5. Priscilla- She was wife to Aquila, as well as partner with her husband in telling others about Christ. Read more about her in Acts 18.

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Today’s Reflections



  1. Vibia Perpetua*- A young woman who was a Christian martyr, who was thrown in with wild animals in an arena and eventually killed by sword, when she refused to deny her faith.
  2. Elizabeth Fry*-She was an advocate for prison reform and a light of Christ to those encountered her.
  3. Gladys Aylward*- A witness to men and women in China. She eventually led orphans over difficult terrain to make sure they got to safety.
  4. Elisabeth Elliot- A missionary’s wife whose husband was killed by the very people they came to witness to. She later went back to work with the tribe that took her husband’s life. She now is known as an inspiration to many through her many books.
  5. Sabina Wurmbrand*- A pastor’s wife whose husband was imprisoned and tortured for not denying Christ in Romania. She herself was later imprisoned.

*Biographies obtained from Set-Apart Femininity: God’s Sacred Intent for Every Young Woman


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7 thoughts on “10 Reflections of Godly Women

  1. Thanks for pointing us toward such godly examples of womanhood. We all need some inspiration when it comes to being a wife and mother, and what better way to find then to look at Scripture.

    1. Yes, these women are great examples of selflessness and full out living for Christ! Their goal was to live like Christ wanted them to. Thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate it!

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