A Fresh Start

Winter is here. Looking out my window, the ground is covered with soft, glistening, and beautiful snow. All the imperfections that are seen every day on the ground are covered with a white blanket. This blanket makes everything look clean and pure. Everything has a new appearance. It is so fitting that we start a new year at this particular time each year. With each New Year brings a time of fresh beginning and rebirths. Change and hope linger in the air.

In Psalm 51, David writes his plea for forgiveness. He loved God with his whole heart, yet he had committed such terrible sins. He had an affair with Bathsheba. When Bathsheba was found to be pregnant, he tried to cover it up by trying to have it look like her husband’s baby. When that didn’t work, he sent Uriah, her husband, to the front lines of war to have him killed. Doesn’t sound too much like he truly loved God, yet he did.  Maybe we haven’t committed such terrible atrocities, yet we are not innocent of wrongdoing against God. Psalm 51 was David’s fresh start. This week we will look how he pleaded for forgiveness and repented.

Looking for a fresh start? You have come to the right place. Make a decision now to follow Christ as your Savior.  Maybe you have already made that decision, but you haven’t been following Christ the way you should be. You are in the right place. This isn’t just by chance. Start a new journey. Ask God to help you as you live each day intentionally for him.  Turn your life around now. This is your fresh start.

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