Be Strong and Courageous: A Prayer for My Children

A prayer inspired by Psalm 27:14

Lord, as I come before you, I find myself unworthy of the two precious gifts that you have given me. These two little lives that grew inside me are amazing miracles that only you could have thought of. You knew each of them before I did. You gave each their own unique personalities, gifts, and talents. As they grow, they face new challenges. They learn new things and make great discoveries. However, as night falls, their happy dispositions often turn fearful. Fearful of the unknown and uncertainties in the dark. You say many times in Scriptures to great leaders to be strong and of great courage. Whisper these words in their tiny ears. Ease their little minds. Teach them to wait and rely on only you. Please give me strength to be patient and compassionate with their insecurities and show them how to lean on you fully. Calm their hearts. Exhort them, dear Lord! Guide them tough and scary times and strengthen their hearts! Draw them close to you. Teach them to wait on you!


Be strong and Courageous, my little ones!!


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4 thoughts on “Be Strong and Courageous: A Prayer for My Children

  1. This is a wonderful prayer for all of us as we attempt to shepherd our children’s hearts. As we attempt to lead them into the superior care of the Good Shepherd.

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