Godly Discipline for Everyday Work

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W O R K. The dreaded four letter word that plagues every individual even from childhood. However, work does not have to be “dreaded”. God has something laid out for each of us. Some of us may see our work as mundane, yet each role is important. Even a trash man is important, and even revered by little ones.

“Every one of us has a line of duty marked out for us by God.” Elisabeth Elliot, Discipline: The Glad Surrender.

Working for the Glory of God

Each morning for me is similar. Wake up early for quiet time and a quick shower. Then to the kitchen to make my husband’s lunch and begin my family’s breakfast. The rest of my day consists of cleaning, schooling for my son, running errands, and cooking lunch and dinner. This is the “line of duty” that God has marked out for me, as of this season in my life. Sometimes it seems daunting. The same boring things being done over and over. To be honest, some days I have to push myself to continue doing the laundry, engaging fully with my children (not that I don’t enjoy them, but sometimes you just need a break), and constantly cleaning the same place that keeps getting dirty day in and day out.

However, no matter how mundane, these things are done in service to my family and God. Serving others is a calling of all followers of Christ.  I am serving my family in love with what I do every day. My husband serves us and God by going to work and earning a livelihood that provides for us. Our “work” is different, yet both important. Our work is done in humility and service.

Warning against Idleness

Honestly, it would be very easy to lie in bed and watch my favorite and “not watched very often” television shows for hours and my husband may never know the difference. Our only agreed upon requirement is that dinner to be ready when he gets home from work. If that is all I do, I might be able to get away with being lazy. However, that is not what God wants of me.

“If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10

We should be about the work that God has given us to do, whether that be sitting behind a desk, cleaning toilets, managing a household, or managing a huge corporation. Each job is important and necessary for everything to run correctly in our homes and in society.

Discipline to Keep Going

There are moments when it seems hard to keep going, especially if you are called to a position that seems unimportant. However, we are told not to grow weary of doing good.  If this happens, a moment is needed spent with God to regain focus and drive to keep going. God knows our hearts, minds, and ambitions concerning our work ethic. We should always work to honor God first.

Discipline is required to keep going on in our work. Discipline simply means to train oneself to obey a code of rules. Acquiring discipline is often a lifelong pursuit. Our drive to train ourselves must be derived in God. Knowing that our earthly pursuits are in accordance to our heavenly goals helps us to keep motivated to do even the most mundane services.

“Do not grow weary in doing good.” 2 Thessalonians 3: 13

Discipline as an Example to Others

My children are front row spectators to my work ethic. They know when mommy neglects her responsibilities and then wants to do the same. Their work view is shaped around how my husband and I work. I try to teach them by incorporating them into my daily work routine. This allows them see the importance and value in everyday chores. Even at a young age, they can have responsibilities that serve the family, teaches them work ethic, and gives a purpose to the day.

Discipline is not acquired overnight. We must continue to work at it and push ourselves to do things that we may not feel very important to accomplish. However, disciplined work honors our Lord and family. So, keep doing the good work of the Lord and setting a great example for others!

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5 thoughts on “Godly Discipline for Everyday Work

  1. A disciplined life can very much change our perspective on how we see our daily routine. When we see our responsibilities as a ministry for God we won’t call it mundane.

    Thank you for this great post.
    Diana -http://dianasdiaries.com

    1. Thank you Diana for your comment! It really does change even the most tedious and mundane task into an act of worship when we are doing it for the Lord!

  2. I have been both the provider and the stay-at-home mom and I can tell you without one shadow of a doubt that staying home is NOT a small responsibility. It’s HARD and takes a great amount of creativity! The best thing about it though? Your kids will always know they have Mom there, whether her workaround the home is finished or not. Because that’s the beauty of being a stay-at-home mom is that your very best “work” grows into little humans and you’ll always be there for their hugs!

  3. Amen, Jennifer! The problem with many people in the world is that they do things “just to do them”. I’m not saying this about anyone in particular, but just in general. I found that when I work, whether at home or at my job to serve the Lord and a greater purpose than myself, I not only work harder but am much more joyful and motivated to do a good job!

    1. Definitely! We are to work for Christ in everything we do, not just in major life changing tasks, but also in the mundane everyday important work as well. Thanks for commenting!

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