Ministry Newsletter

This page is dedicated to our ministries on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. My family is apart of two churches that minister to this area, Warriors For Christ Baptist Church and La Plant Baptist Church. Following is our monthly newsletter.

March 2017

Spring has finally arrived here in South Dakota. The days get warmer, yet the mornings are still cold. Since it has become warmer, our family has been spending more time outside. We have been going fishing a lot. Our first weekend fishing, we went to a state park we never had been to before. When we got there, both ponds were still frozen. That’s South Dakota, never know what to expect!

ministry update   We were able to start back with our outreach in Swiftbird. Our first time back, we had around 11 children.  We look forward to summer when we will be able to do outreach in White Horse and hopefully, La Plant. Next month, we are looking forward to doing our annual Easter egg hunt in both Swiftbird and La Plant. We are also still preparing to vote in April to merge the two churches.

Matthew continues to prepare to teach the subject of Math at the school. He has applied to get a temporary certificate. Once he receives that, he will have to start classes and studying for two Praxis Exams. Please pray for him as he prepares for this position that God has given him.ministry update

The school has been in mourning the last couple of weeks of this past month. A young 12 year old girl took her life.  Suicide is common around this area.  The school brought in counselors to assist the students, if needed.  Matthew was also available if any students came to him (since they knew he was also a pastor). Please keep the area in your prayers that no more suicides will occur.

Thank you for all the support given to us and the churches during this time. Transition, for the better, is upon us once again; with Matthew’s new position and the churches merging into one. God has a plan and we are so thankfully that we can be a apart of it!

Prayer Needs:

*Continue to Pray for Matthew as he begins a new position as the HS Math Teacher.

  • Pray for the community as they mourn the life taken this month. Please pray that those thinking of suicide will seek Christ.

*Pray as we begin to make plans for summer mission groups and camps. Also, pray that we make a wise decision as we consider a merger of the two churches.

Contact Information

Matthew, Jennifer, Elijah, and Abigail Dickerson, P.O. Box 221, Ridgeview, SD 57652

La Plant Baptist Church, HC 76 Box 9, Ridgeview, SD 57652

Warriors For Christ Baptist Church, P.O. Box 222, Ridgeview, SD 57652

Home/Church Phone: 605-733-2537 Cell Phone: 573-276-7988