When God Gives an Opportunity

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Have you ever been at a time of your life that you had an opportunity to really see God at work? My family is in amidst such a year. This time last year, my husband was working as a welder at a construction company preparing for the long days of summer. He is also a pastor of a church on a reservation in South Dakota. The welding job was very hard on his body and didn’t allow much time for dealing with church preparations and matters. We began praying hard that God would open an opportunity for him to work at a job that would be better for his ministry and his body.

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That opportunity came knocking last summer. We were hosting a mission group who puts on a basketball camp at the local school gym. Matthew, my husband, went in to talk to the principal about a matter that arose with the camp. Right there in the office, the principal offered my husband a job. The job would be his if he filled out the application!

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Saying “Yes” to a God-given Opportunity

On paper, the opportunity looked like a step backwards financially. However, the job fulfilled everything that we were praying for. So trusting God totally financially, he accepted the job. Looking back at the finances, God gave Matthew opportunities to provide for us and the church like he has never had before.

After ending his first official year at the school, he will be entering the next school year as a math teacher. He went into the school as a paraprofessional, due to lack of education to be a certified teacher. Now he has the opportunity to receive a teaching certificate in an alternative certification program.


He also was given the opportunity to be the Head Basketball coach for the school, a position in which he didn’t have any experience. The basketball team ended its year doing better than it had done in a very long time. Most of the year, the team ranked third in their district and went to the second round of district playoffs. That is a true testimony to what God can do, not to my husband.

It is amazing what God can do when we can place our lives in His hands. God is truly the great author of our lives. Maybe you are asking how you can let God direct your path.  If we only allow God to form our plans, He will do amazing things according to His will. God’s plans will always stand, regardless of our wants for life.

Proverbs 19:21

Letting God Direct Your Path

  • We must humble ourselves, bow our heads, and hand over our lives fully to God. Ask God to allow His opportunities to present them clearly. Our world was forever changed when we prayed together for a job opportunity that not only met our needs, but ultimately glorified Him.


  • When God presents that opportunity that is in His will, you must not hesitate to accept. You may have fears and reservations, but you must trust God to provide for you in every aspect. Our fears about our finances could have persuaded us to pass up a God-appointed opportunity. However, we stepped out on faith that God would take care of us.

Opportunity to Give God All the Glory

  • Give God all the glory for the amazing things that He can accomplish. My husband now has a temporary teaching certificate from the state. He didn’t think he would have the appropriate education to obtain this certificate. This is only a God-accomplishment. Matthew has never been athletic or even interested in sports; however God placed him in a coach’s position. This allowed him to have a greater impact for God in the lives of the students he worked with through the year.  The exposure allowed him to get to know more people and parents in the community where the church is located. Therefore, it will benefit the ministry of the church in the future.

God is truly amazing and good! He can lift you up and place you in the path He desires you to be. Humble yourself today. Give God the plans of your heart and make them His today.


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  1. Sometimes I think those “financial leaps” are the hardest – especially for the husband. Thanks for these tips on how to take advantage of the opportunities even when we may be a little nervous about the leap!

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