The Reflection of a Life

The Impression of a Godly Life

Have you ever had a Godly man or woman live out such a great witness to God that your life was truly impressed by their example?  When I was little, I had a lady named Ms. Dorothy who taught me in Sunday School. She left a true impression on my heart. She never married and therefore, never had any of her own children. Her Sunday School class became her children. Truly caring for her Sunday School children, she taught them every Sunday. She was a great influence in the church; a true light to those around her.

When I was in college, I received word from home that Ms. Dorothy had been killed in an auto accident. Her funeral was a celebration of her life. Her legacy lived on through her children she taught in Sunday School.



A Biblical reflection of a Life

In Acts, there was such a woman named Tabitha, or Dorcas. She was a woman who professed Godliness through her good works. (1 Timothy 2:10)  Before she died, she made a difference in the life of those around her. She took care of widows by making garments for them. Making a deep impression on these women, Dorcas’ illness and passing grieved them deeply.

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Her life had been a Godly expression of her faith. Her faith was evident through actions to those around her.

A Witness Beyond Life

Peter (to read more about Peter, click here) was called when this dear lady had passed. Through the power of God, Peter raised Dorcas to life after she had died. But, why? Shouldn’t she be able to rest in peace in Heaven with her Father? Here’s the reason, found in Acts 9:42: “And it became known throughout all Joppa, and many believed on the Lord.” Her witness for God extended beyond her life and DEATH. Her restoration served as an even greater witness to God’s power.



To read more about  great women in the Bible, consider reading Twelve Extraordinary Women: How God Shaped Women of the Bible, and What He Wants to Do with You .

Do a quick check of yourself. How do your actions during your life reflect your witness of God? Does Christ’s reflection extend beyond yourself?


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7 thoughts on “The Reflection of a Life

  1. I believe life is one long lesson, filled with an infinite amount of mini lessons. I’ve done some things that I’m not proud of, but I wouldn’t say I’m a bad person. I know I’ve changed some lives for the better, but I wouldn’t say I’m a saint. As I progress through life, I am constantly reminded we only have one to live. I remind myself how blessed I am, and try to spread positivity when I can. God knows I’m not perfect, and He also knows I’m doing the best I can!

    1. I agree. We all have to move forward,learn from mistakes, and do the best we can. Thanks for reading!

  2. What a lovely tribute to an amazing person. I truly believe our life isn’t worth much unless we leave a positive impression on others and continue the cycle of living Christ-centered lives.

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